Tree Services in Arden, NC

Tree Services in Arden, NC

Tree Services in Arden, NC

Tree Care Services In Arden, NC

Why do you need to keep up cosmetic appearances with your trees? The more you do for your trees, the more likely they are to remain strong and be complimentary for your yard instead of rotting, dying and becoming not only unsightly but even potentially a safety problem. And having many trees lined in order with effective landscaping techniques can bump up the value of your home. But what else has to be done besides giving them enough water, sunshine and protection for their trunks when they’re still young? Landscape trees especially need to be pruned and given a trim once in a while, and on occasion, they may need some extra treatment if they’re having some serious health problems. We are an experienced tree service company, and we know the trees that grow in Arden, NC. When you need special care given to any of the trees at your home or place of business, we are here to help.

Tree Pruning & Trimming Services In Arden, NC

Why should you let professionals prune your trees? It isn’t just a matter of cutting any branches from the tree, but actually cutting them with purpose and precision. We make sure that the trees will be free of unhealthy or dead branches and have the cuts positioned just right to give the tree extra room for water and air to penetrate. But we also make sure it is done in a way that allows the tree to heal and not become infected.

Tree Removal Services In Arden, NC

You might think removing trees from your property is very easy, and maybe in some cases it is. But have you considered the tree’s proximity to certain objects? Do you have the right equipment to haul it off with if you don’t want to keep its remains? If you don’t feel too sure about those scenarios, then you should have us do it. We cut down trees the right way so they don’t fall on buildings or vehicles, and we have the equipment and vehicles for loading up their remains and getting rid of them. Instead of doing all that work yourself, you should let us do it.

Stump Grinding Or Removal Services In Arden, NC

Once a tree has been removed, do you want the stump gone too? You might prefer I to be gone so that people don’t trip and fall on it, or so that bugs don’t decide to live in it. We can get rid of stumps either by digging them up and removing them, or by using a stump grinder. A stump grinder will cut up the stump and make it so the roots will die without having to dig them up. Read about how it works to learn more.

Storm Tree Damage Cleanups & Land Clearing In Arden, NC

Normally when you think of debris from trees, you think of small branches that can be quickly picked up. But when major storms hit, sometimes trees leave even bigger debris on the ground, or they may even fall over completely as a result of high winds and rough weather. Our emergency services for storm tree cleanup involve picking up big debris and getting fallen trees cleared out if they’ve fallen on buildings. We have the safety training and equipment to handle these emergencies.