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At Quality Tree Services, we have an appreciation for nature which had helped contribute to an overall excellent reputation in Arden, North Carolina. We set a high standard because each member of our staff is consistently trained, and told to focus on the details as well as the satisfaction of you; the customer.

Tree Pruning & Trimming In Arden, NC

Tree pruning or trimming is a set of services we provide in order to improve the health, aesthetics or shape of your tree(s). Whether your working with a prized ornamental, regular tree, or a fruit tree, we have all the experience necessary to properly care for it. Some of the different types of pruning in Arden, NC we provide are:

Crown Thinning: When thinning your tree, our experts will selectively trim branches in order to increase light penetration for your lawn and air penetration to prevent damaged branches during storms.

Crown Reduction: When a tree has overgrown it’s space, sometimes branches need to be removed so they don’t interfere with elements like power lines or the neighbor’s home. However this method realistically should only be used as a method of last resort.

Crown Raising: This is a necessity if you tend to have a lot of pedestrian traffic under a tree that has very low hanging branches. If not pruned properly or at least on a seasonal basis, they will keep growing into the ground. By crown raising, this allows our workers to trim lower hanging branches giving your tree excellent function while retaining form.

Has a tree fallen on your property? Is there a tree in danger of falling? Well, no worries at all; we are fully capable of providing fast, reliable tree removal in Arden, North Carolina. Our tree climbers utilize harnesses and industrial chainsaws in order to cut your tree down bit by bit. After hiring us, you’ll be surprised at how quickly,safe, and hassle-free the entire experience was. We may need to remove your tree for the following reasons:

  1. It’s dead, diseased or already dying. 
  2. It has outgrown it’s zone
  3. Roots are causing problems for your walkways or driveways
  4. Your property is constantly filled with pine cones, leaves, sap, or needles

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