Don’t Hire Unlicensed Tree Companies

Hiring an unlicensed tree company or person is like committing a crime. All it takes is one accident. You’re literally playing with fire if you go this route. Wouldn’t you prefer to sleep better at night knowing the person or company you hired to do work for you did a decent job?

Imagine being awake at night wondering if your tree is in danger of falling on your neighbor’s home, valuable property or god forbid, a person. Your dealing with two wild variables here, mother nature (which no one has any control over) and someone without insurance and possibly no experience at all. Do yourself a favor and hire someone with insurance that knows what they’re doing. This way if any accidents do occur, you and your family are protected. The same rules apply if you own a commercial property. Badly done tree work which could result in a branch falling on a customer will result in lawsuits. You will leave yourself open to tremendous liabilities. Allow a legit company to partner up with you.

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