Types of Pruning Cuts We Utilize Depending On the Project


There are varying types of pruning cuts that are made depending on the species of the tree, type of project, location and other factors. The three we practice include:

Heading: This is usually performed with hand-held shearers and encourages dense growth. It’s an aggressive but safe approach to pruning all types of trees and plants. We will usually make a cut right above the leaf.

Thinning: This method reduces the bulk of what is in the crown. It carries plenty of benefits with it including increased air flow through the canopy as well as additional light penetration. This makes for a nicer lawn below! For structural integrity, this is also a big win. Since we’re reducing some of the weight and shifting it within the tree, it will be able to withstand storms in a more resilient manner and retain a higher form of structural integrity.

Shearing: We do plenty of shearing to make sure shrubs and trees are properly shaped. This is done for customers that prefer more than anything a more natural shape for their trees.

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