Winter Tree Protection


Winter is a brutal time to be a tree. They need water to survive. The fact that the soil beneath the ground will be frozen doesn’t exactly help. Neither does ice or heavy winds.

Now, it’s one thing for larger, mature trees to make it through winter unscathed and an entirely different scenario for freshly planted trees. Your young trees will need winter protection and Quality Tree Services can provide it for you. Winter damage we commonly see includes:

  • Salt Damage
  • Snow & Ice Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Root Injury
  • Discoloration
  • Cold Damage
  • Sun Scald

Most of these can be protected from with the help of a few safeguards. To begin with, we use burlap bags to protect the surroundings of the base of the tree. This goes along way toward keeping the bark safe. Stakes are also inserted into thee ground in accordance with your tree’s branches in order to maintain structural stability. We also may use fencing to block off the area from animals like Deer that will cause damage by feeding on your younger trees.

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